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In this section we offer you some of the testimonials that were voluntarily and selflessly sent to us by all those customers who have already tried Varesil and who are more than satisfied with the results they obtained.

Read the testimonials of some of these people so you can know first-hand the benefits that Varesil can provide:


“Hi everyone. My name is Linda and from a very Young age I suffered from terrible varicose veins. In my case, it’s due to being overweight, which I still am but fortunately, the varicose veins have disappear because of this wonderful 2-in-1 product. Before I discovered it I was totally desperate because no other product I had tried worked, including natural or prescriptions, and I had tried everything. The point is that my varicose veins were increasingly growing and were swollen and very visible when I wore skirts, dresses and shorts. I didn’t like it at all that they were so visible and this forced me to wear thick tights, which were very hot and very irritating to me. But at least they covered them up. I found VARESIL through a friend of mine who also suffered from varicose veins, and my life changed completely. I started the treatment as soon as I got it and it was effective from the start. The pain, the heaviness of the legs, the itching and the cramp. Everything disappeared. It was really incredible. Now I can go outside in skirts and dresses and feel no embarrassment. Thank you for creating such a great product for varicose veins. I know thousands of women who would thank you as well as soon as they discover it and read the benefits from its effects.”


“I’m an operator at an assembling line. Standing for so many hours in the same position started to give me problems. I knew it would sooner or later ‘cos dad worked in the same factory as me for his entire life. And his legs were giving him problems all the time. Anyway, a while back I started noticing my legs hurt a lot and I felt very tired. I noticed both my legs had purple and swollen veins, it kinda grossed me out. So I went to the doctor. That’s when I found out I had varicose veins. He didn’t think it was worth worrying about but my legs were getting worse. So I went online to see if there was a product that would help. That’s when I found VARESIL. The website convinced me to give it a try and I’m glad I did. The cream is really good and I feel great. I also take the pills to prevent things from flurrying up again. So far, so good.”


“Hi, my name is Kristen and I never had varicose veins until I became pregnant. I blamed it on my pregnancy because I heard that getting varicose veins was very common during the pregnancy. I thought that after giving birth and losing some weight, all would return to normal. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the furthest thing from the truth. I still had varicose veins. When I returned to work, they became even worse, because I spent most of the day sitting in the same position. They became more visible and became more irritated because of the itching. I tried several prescriptions without much relief and begun to lose hope. But then I found VARESIL’s 2-in-1 system and I tried it. It was the best decision I could have made because the varicose veins started to disappear and the itching stopped. This is undoubtedly a great product.”


“Hi, I’m James. Because of my job as a sales associate I started having varicose veins. At first, I didn’t think much of it since I didn’t know they were varicose veins. I thought it was just an accumulation of passing blood. I always though varicose veins was a women thing, but it was my girlfriend who told me that me, although in a smaller percentage could also get varicose veins due to the type of work they do. Mine involves sitting in the same position all day. It didn’t bother me too much but I was unhappy with the idea that they would get worse by not getting any treatment. I could change my job, of course but instead I started surfing the internet and discovered VARESIL. I must say that in the short amount of time I’ve been using it, the varicose veins have almost disappeared. I really recommend this product because it does what it says.”

James H.

“Hi, my name is Elizabeth and in just a few weeks I managed to fix my problem with varicose veins thanks to VARESIL. I have noticed quite an improvement since I began the treatment and thanks to the pills I have better blood circulation and the veins are no longer swollen. The annoying itching and night cramps are also gone, and my legs feel great. When I finish work I look forward to getting home and apply the cream right away because it relaxes me. I feel that after using this product varicose veins are going away and I’m very satisfied.”


“My varicose veins were very visible and my legs would go numb very often until I found VARESIL, and my legs came back to normal. Now I can be sitting for as long as I want without worrying about cramps or my legs going numb. In my opinion, a great product.”


Hi. I’m writing on behalf of my mother, who suffers from varicose veins. I remember that one of her veins burst once and caused a hemorrhage. She started with this treatment. She loves wearing the cream every time she comes back from one of her walks because she says it’s very good to alleviate the feeling of heaviness in her legs. She’s really delighted.”


“This product is amazing. It made me believe again in natural products after this bad experience I had had. But the important thing here is results, and VARESIL works. Both the ointment and the pills worked wonders for me. My legs don’t hurt anymore, and I’m thrilled about the way the VARESIL team treated me. They provided great advice by e-mail and I really appreciate that because they cleared up several queries I had.”


“Finally! Thanks to VARESIL I feel no pain or embarrassment for the ugly varicose veins I had on my legs. A wonderful product, really.”


“I thought that after giving birth, the varicose veins I had got during my pregnancy would just disappear but unfortunately, they didn’t. I though I was never going to be able to wear a skirt again (and I love that!), but with VARESIL my worst fears just vanished really quickly. It’s a very fast, effective product. ”


“First, congratulations on the quality of your product. Like you say on the website, it really works. In my case, I’ve suffered from varicose veins for several years because of a lousy lifestyle, as my doctor said. I never played sports (now at least I go for a walk every time I can), I didn’t care about my diet which made me gain quite a few pounds and to make the matter even worse, I’ve been a smoker for about twenty years (I’m trying to quit now). Tired of being in pain, having my feet swollen and everything, one day I said ‘enough’. A friend of mine, who’s a pharmacist, told me about natural treatments and that they were very effective. I went online and discovered this product. If it didn’t work for me, at least I could get my money back- I thought, because of the money back guarantee mentioned on the website. But I didn’t need that guarantee because they treatment worked perfectly for me. All the pain started to go away. Now, I feel great.”


“No more pain or tiredness or anything! VARESIL is really amazing. I recommend it to anyone, man or woman suffering from the annoying, ugly varicose veins because it really works.”


“I’ve had varicose veins for several years. The truth is that I do take a good care of my body but still, I had this pain that was making my life a living hell. I kept on taking good care of myself, but I also thought about supplementing a good diet and some sports with a natural product, a very trendy thing these days. I discovered VARESIL and as I thought it wasn’t expensive, I decided to buy it. Honestly, I feel so much better ever since I started with the treatment and I do believe it’s worth it.”


“I went to surgery because of my varicose veins, but every once in a while, I feel this terrible heaviness on my legs. I bought VARESIL, especially because of the ointment and that’s the best thing I could have done because I find such relief every time I use it. I recommend it because it works great for me.”


“Thanks to this 2-in-1 system, my varicose veins eventually disappeared and they never returned. All the nuisances (pain, itching, heaviness, etc.) were totally gone. Now I feel great, my legs feel light, a very pleasant feeling. Your product is very good.”


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