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Dr. Oscar Arana
Specialist physician
Medicos especialistas en dermatología que avalan los resultados del tratamiento para la caída del cabello

Along my long career as a health professional I have treated several patients suffering from varicose veins. Naturally, there is a higher incidence of this disease in women, mostly because of the constant hormonal processes they go through. Also, they present another risk factor when they are pregnant because of the pressure exerted by the uterus, which considerably increases its size and, above all because of the hormones generated by the placenta. In addition, a person is more prone to varicose veins as they grow older or if their parents had them, but there are other factors that increase the chance of getting this uncomfortable disease such as obesity, high blood pressure or activities involving long periods of time sitting or standing.

However, there are many products made with herbal extracts and veinotonic properties on the Internet today, which are a real alternative to surgery. After treating some of my patients with VARESIL (one of these products) for a while, I was able to prove the effectiveness of this product. The results obtained after a few sessions of treatment are an overall functional improvement, relief of pain and discomfort, and a better aesthetic appearance. For all of these reasons – and based on the personal experience of several patients of mine who suffered from this disease and decided to try this product -, I believe VARESIL is a very convenient remedy to treat varicose veins since it is a highly effective combined system that stimulates epithelial growth and promotes the lightening of the altered skin

EAll in all, I really trust this product because it is very complete. This is a preventive, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic treatment proven to be able to regenerate the damaged tissue, alleviate both the itching and pain so characteristic of this disease, or significantly reduce the swelling of ankles and feet. For all of this, I confidently recommend VARESIL to all those who suffer from varicose veins.

Dr. Óscar Arana

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