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Pills to prevent the appearance of varicose veins

VARESIL is an innovative and effective system indicated to treat varicose veins. With a 100% natural and safe composition, our product can be used both to prevent its appearance and to relieve pain and reduce swelling of the veins.
Composed by a nutritional supplement in the form of pills and a cream (both 100% natural), VARESIL reinforces the walls of damaged veins and stops bleeding by regenerating the injured tissue.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are dilated veins characterized by preventing blood from flowing back to the heart. Although this disease can occur anywhere in the body, it mainly affects the veins of the legs. Varicose veins are caused by a malfunction of the venous valves of the legs, which are in charge of making the blood fluidly return to the heart. When one or more of these valves fail and do not properly close the passage of blood or then the walls of the blood vessels get weak, a certain amount of blood flows back down and begins to accumulate in the veins, dilating them and eventually leading to a harmful stagnation that results in the appearance of varicose veins in our legs.

They can be classified into four grades:

Degree 1: Although it may vary from one individual to another considering factors such as orthostatism (standing position), degree 1 varicose veins are generally considered to be an aesthetical problem, even though in some cases it may cause heaviness and tiredness on the legs.

Degree 2: These varicose veins are more visible and swollen than the ones above. They cause upsets (a high percentage of patients present symptoms), thus becoming a health problem. They can sometimes cause varicorrhage (bleeding of a vein), skin dystrophies and hypodermitis.

Degree 3: These varicose veins present a higher dilatation and tortuousness (many patients refer to them as “cables” in their legs). Changes in the pigmentation of the skin can be experienced. It can turn brownish-gray – because of the hemosiderine – as well as hard, flaky, dry and wrinkled. People suffering from these varicose veins experience more intense pains and inflammatory reactions of the skin, therefore resulting in skin dystrophies. Surgery is necessary to treat this degree of varicose veins.

Degree 4: EIt is the final consequence of degree 3 varicose veins, with the common complications of the disease such as painful ulcerations specially located in the internal perimaleolar region, trophic changes on the skin and pulmonary embolism (the most serious complication derived from this disease but also the least frequent one). Pulmonary embolism – which is many times followed by a heart attack – can cost the life of the one suffering from it, since it causes the obstruction of a pulmonary artery by a blood clot proceeding from one of these degree 3 varicose veins that moved and got to the deep venous circulation and from there to the pulmonary arteries.

*One of ten people, approximately, suffers from varicose veins, being more common in women mainly due to the consequences of pregnancy and hormonal fluctuation.

What is the cause of varicose venis?
Although the exact cause has not been yet discovered, varicose veins – as well as many other diseases – are not related to a casual event or a fatality of destiny. It is actually the opposite. Varicose veins are the result of a series of causal events, some of which can be controlled – such as overweight – and some of which can’t – such as the hereditary factor –. It is more common in women and mainly affects obese people and those whose professional activity requires being standing for long periods of time.

Some of the causes predisposing to varicose veins are:

High blood pressure

Wearing tight clothes and shoes
Birth control pills or hormonal drugs
Work standing or sitting down for long periods of time
Hereditary factors: if your parents or grandparents suffered from varicose veins, it is very likely that you suffer from them too

Characteristic symptoms of varicose veins

The medical profile can vary from an asymptomatic patient whose only concern is the aesthetical problem resulting from the existence of varicose veins to the patient with the typical symptoms (heavy legs, pain, cramps, feeling of permanent tiredness, etc.) The symptoms become more intense when complications related to the stagnation of blood on the skin start to appear, which is when there is an atrophy of the tissue with an eczematous, and pruritic reaction.

Next, the list the most common symptoms of varicose veins:

Burning sensation in the feet and around the ankles
Grayish-brown discoloration of the ankles / calves
Visible swollen veins under the skin of the legs
Tiredness and heaviness on the legs
Itching and even a strong pain

Ulcers on the skin of the ankles
Swelling of ankles and feet
Night cramps
Tingling sensation

*You must see your doctor if you have experienced any of these symptoms.

How does Varesil work?

Varesil is an innovative system presented in 2 different, very easy to use forms: a nutritional supplement (pills) to prevent the appearance of varicose veins, and an ointment, 100% natural as well as the pills, to reduce varicose veins by toning up the walls of the altered veins and venous valves.

1 Prevention

Pills: The top-quality herbal extracts used to make VARESIL posses veinotonic properties that have proven great effectiveness and reliability to prevent varicose veins. These are their effects:

Prevent varicose veins
Reinforce the walls of the damaged veins
Contribute and boost a correct blood circulation

2 Treatment

Ointment:VARESIL ointment (made with anti-inflammatory extracts of skin-regenerating properties) is specifically intended to stop the bleeding and to heal the affected skin. It is also intended to reduce pain and swelling. These are its effects:

Stimulate epithelial growth
Alleviate the itching and pain and reduce the swelling
Stop the bleeding regenerating the damaged tissue
Promoting a healthy granulation and lightening of the damaged skin

*Both products can be used simultaneously. VARESIL is not a medicine.

What do professionals say?
Dr. Arana
Professional Physician

"I am very confident in this product, because it is very complete, since we are talking about a treatment that is both preventive, anti-inflammatory and analgesic."

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Our new and exclusive formula has been designed to obtain fast and effective results

The extraordinary results of VARESIL are a consequence of its complete formulation, since it is made with top-quality herbal extracts with therapeutic properties. All the ingredients are 100% natural, effective, and safe with no health risks whatsoever. No harmful side effects have been proven either.

All the ingredients of Varesil are:
100% Natural

Horse Chesnut:
also known as Aesculus Hippocastanum, is an herbal medicine which is prescribed for treatments to improve the aesthetic appearance of the varicose veins, since it is highly effective in alleviating the chronic venous stasis, edemas on the legs and the swelling or inflammation of the joints, tendons and muscles. It also reduces the capillary permeability.

Butcher´s Broom (Ruscus Aculeatus):
It has a Mediterranean origin and it grows from 0 to 1000 meters in height in all parts of central and southern Europe (British Islands, North Africa and Asia). Their roots cause the contraction of blood vessels, increase the strength of veins and help to reduce inflammation. Currently, the extract obtained from its roots is used to treat problems caused by poor circulation, such as the varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

It can improve the health of the capillaries and the thin connective tissues. Consequently, it is used to alleviate the effects of contusions, varicose veins and fragile capillaries.

Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus Officinali):
Rosemary leaves are mostly used, and sometimes its flowers. This plant is rich in active ingredients. Rosemary alcohol is prepared with the essential oil which is extracted directly from its leaves, and it is used to prevent ulcers. Rosemary is used to treat several ills such as rheumatism and lumbago, and thanks to its antiseptic properties, it can be applied by decoction to cicatrize sores and wounds. Moreover, it checks the spread of intestinal spasms and invigorates blood

Pine Bark Extract (Pinus Maritima):
Leucocianidol has antihemorragic and P-vitamin properties, thus it increases capillary resistance and it controls permeability. It is recommended for varicose veins, hemorrhoids and capillary fragilityr.

Bioperine is a standardized extract of piperine, the main alkaloid of black pepper, being an extremely pure and safe of the latter. It is obtained from plants grown in the humid regions that are rich in Nigrum L. (black pepper). Its scientific name is Piper Nigrum and it belongs to the family of the Piperaceae. It’s a tropical plant native of India and Java. It was introduced by Alexander The Great. Legend has it that Eudoxo of Cicico was the first European to bring pepper to Europe, among other spices. It was such a rare and expensive product that it was used as a currency during the middle age. Its high value was one of the reasons why the Portuguese started searching for routes in the islands of the spices in the East around Africa. Biopeperine is a new, revolutionary, and patented ingredient that significantly improves the absorption of the rest of the ingredients by our body, facilitating its assimilation while speeding and improving the results in an extraordinary way.

*If you want to consult in more detail the characteristics of each ingredient click here


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